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DRR Imaging, LLC


 Call or email to get information or book an appointment. 

All initial scans are 50% off. Click the appropriate  service and hit "pay in person" as the online pay system won't reflect it. 

If you refer others, you get $20 off the next scan. Again, click "pay in person" to get that deal.

*Located inside Cedar Ridge Family Chiropractic.

I am a trained infrared thermography technician and excited to offer this to the Center Point area. This non-invasive technology captures images that look for spots of heat that could potentially become problematic or inflammatory. This adjunctive tool can help provide reassurance to the client. A report will be given to you following your appointment. This is not intended to replace medical advice. Thank you!

-Dana Sanders

Our Services

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Before an appointment...

*No sunbathing for 24 hours before the appt.

*Avoid other treatments of the area to be scanned for 24 hours beforehand.

*Do not shave for 24 hours beforehand.

On the exam date:

*Do not use lotions, oils, creams, makeup or any other ointments.

*No exercise or physical stimulation for 4 hours beforehand.

*No smoking for 4 hours beforehand.

*No bathing or showering within 1 hour beforehand.

*No nursing for 1 hour beforehand.

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